Taking Beauty Outdoors

Taking Beauty Outdoors | Re-Mix-Her

I by no means would consider myself an outdoors-y girl. When asked what my perfect day would be, you'll never hear the words "I'd like to spend my day outdoors in the middle of nowhere hiking, camping, fishing, rock-climbing, etc." come out of my mouth. I am a city girl through and through, but with each trip I make to visit my parents in Salt Lake, I'm beginning to appreciate the outdoors more and more. There's something magical and refreshing about driving into the mountains, hopping on a trail, and hiking to the end to see what you can find. It's peaceful and revitalizing for the soul.

Yesterday Liz and I went on a trail that ended at an old miners' cave found in natural boulders. When we reached the end of the trail and took a few minutes to recharge with granola bars and some water, I took a few minutes to snap some photos of the beauty contents of my backpack. (Speaking of my backpack, this one is really similar, in case you're interested.)

Before I set off on any mountain hike, I make sure I've protected my face from the sun's rays with a BB cream/SPF. I'm currently making my way through this one by Vichy and am really enjoying it. I also make sure I apply sunscreen to any exposed skin. My new favorite is the spray sunscreen from Trader Joe's; it doesn't leave my skin with that greasy, slick sunscreen feel (hallelujah!), and it was rated by Consumer Reports as the most effective sunscreen on the market. Oh, and it's only $6 for a can—score!

I also like to bring along a makeup setting spray with SPF in it. My favorite is from Coola, and you can apply this over your makeup for extra sun protection without it disturbing your makeup. I went through an entire bottle last summer and am making my way through my second bottle this year. Last but not least, I carry a chapstick with SPF in it, too. I'm almost out of my other chapsticks, so last weekend before my trip, I picked up the Fresh Sugar Sport version with SPF 30 from Sephora. It's fantastic and it can be used on your face and eyes if need be.

What about you? What do you like to bring along on your outdoor excursions?

(My sunglasses and water bottle are from TJ Maxx.)