These Drugstore Liquid Lipsticks Won't Leave Your Bag

Essence Liquid Lipstick | Re-Mix-Her

Liquid lipsticks have been having a very long moment, so much so that their trendiness has become must-have, staple status for many makeup and beauty gurus. Liquid lipsticks have been creeping into drugstores in many various forms, and without a doubt one of the best formulas is from Essence's Liquid Lipsticks

Tati of Glam Life Guru recently posted a video about these $3 tubes of magic, and I went to Ulta that afternoon and bought five of the six colors. They are seriously impressive; they're pigmented and moisturizing. They're definitely not your traditional matte, long-wearing liquid lipstick, but that's fine by me because they leave your lips looking plumped and healthy. I've worn them over lipliners and lipsticks, and in the week I've had them, at least one has lived in my bag each day. Oh, and did I mention they cost less than a Starbucks drink (and they'll last a lot longer)? Not a bad deal!