Glowing Spring Skin

Glowing Spring Skin | Re-Mix-Her

For the most part, my makeup philosophy is all or nothing. On one end of the spectrum, if I'm having a lazy Saturday and don't feel like painting my face with a load of makeup, usually I won't bother with it (except for the occasional tinted moisturizer). One the other end of the spectrum, if I'm going to take the time to do my makeup, I want it to look flawless and airbrushed—and that has meant full-coverage foundations . . . until now.

Meet the Erborian BB Creme. I've only met one other BB cream I truly liked (the IT Cosmetics CC Cream), but this Erborian one takes the cake. It's like wearing a full-coverage foundation without the heaviness of the formula. It manages to let my natural freckles shine through, but it covers up almost all of my blemish scars. 

After I've washed my face in the morning, I like to start with an illuminating base (my current favorite is Laura Mercier's Radiance Foundation Primer) to give my skin an added boost of glow and health. Then I apply the Erborian BB Creme with my hands in lieu of moisturizer. I pat it into the skin and use either a fluffy buffing brush or a makeup sponge to blend everything in. The BB cream dries to a velvety finish, but I still like to set everything with translucent powder to help things last all day.

The result is a glowing, radiant base that, in my opinion, only looks better throughout the day. I'm so impressed when I get to the end of the day to take my makeup off, and the BB cream is still doing its job by making my face look flawless and radiant without a layer of heavy, caked-on foundation. Prepare to hear me rave about this in every video for the rest of the spring and summer, beginning with tomorrow's April favorites video. . . .