What I've Learned Blogging for Six Years

I just got an email yesterday that told me my blog turned SIX years old! I started my blog as a 19-year-old at the end of my sophomore year in college. Personal-style blogs were starting to take off, but the market wasn't completely saturated at that point. I started my blog because in class, I'd always be asked why I was so dressed up. I had no idea I was "dressed up," but you'd never find me going to class in sweatpants. 

My blog has slowly transformed and grown with me as I've journeyed through my young adult life in my early 20s. In college it was simple and easy to take outfit pictures every day (thanks to my roommate/photography major/bestie who is still my roommate, bestie, and photographer). As I graduated, made the transition into working full-time, and moved to a new city, my interests began changing. My blog began moving away from strictly personal style into a more rounded-out focus, including beauty, lifestyle, and some home decor.

Thinking back to my 19-year-old self, I had no clue what I was doing. But I've made my way through the blogging world and am at a very content, happy place. Here are some lessons I've learned in my six years as a style/beauty blogger:

  • Consistency is key. I think back to some of the bloggers I found influential when I first started blogging, and many of those bloggers are now off the grid. They wouldn't post for a month at a time, and I lost interest. From day one of my blog, I vowed to post every weekday as much as possible, and I've stuck to that (with the exception of a few emergency breaks or vacations here and there).
  • Blog because it makes you happy. I'm certainly not a heavy-hitter blogger, and if I constantly compared my stats to those of some of the most popular blogs here in the industry, I'd have a pretty negative attitude toward my blog. But I don't like to play the comparison game. I blog because I honestly enjoy it. I enjoy having my little space on the Internet where I can share what I'm currently wearing, testing out, and loving. The second my blog becomes a burden that I don't look forward to carrying is when it'll be time to pull the plug.
  • You never know where blogging will lead. I had no idea at the time, but because of my experience in blogging, using various platforms, being active on social media, and knowing basic HTML, it helped me secure a job post-college. I'm amazed at the knowledge I already had that was necessary to the first position at the company I still work for—and how my pursuit of improving my blog also continues to help aid my job responsibilities.
  • Your blog = memories. I like to think of my blog almost as a digital scrapbook. I have a lot of memories connected with certain posts, certain outfits, certain beauty products. My blog has captured some pretty big moments in my life so far. My blog has also captured some style moments I just have to laugh at (evidence here). Regardless of the good moments and the cringe-worthy, my blog will be a fun place for my kids and grandkids to one day look through and experience what my life was like.
  • Don't be afraid of change. My blogging platforms have varied over the years, and it was just about a year ago that I made the switch from Tumblr to Squarespace. It was a necessary and welcome change that took a lot of time to make . . . but the end result was so worth it. I also started including weekly YouTube videos more than a year ago after a lot of deliberation and thought about the best way to begin incorporating beauty videos into my blog.

So now that I've looked back over the past six year of blogging, I want your feedback. What would you like to see more or less of on my blog?