The Perfect Contour Palette for Pale Girls

The Perfect Contour Palette for Pale Girls | Re-Mix-Her
The Perfect Contour Palette for Pale Girls | Re-Mix-Her

Contouring has become too extreme in the past few months, in my opinion, and it's especially difficult for those of us who are pale not to go overboard with the trend. When done right, it can be quite flattering . . . but the trick is to find the perfect product for your skin tone. Some of my personal favorites (NYX Cosmetics Highlight & Contour Pro Palette and Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer) have just been knocked off by a palette from a brand new line by makeup artist Fiona Stiles.

Enter the Sheer Sculpting Palette in Light/Medium. I'd heard a few rave reviews about the palette and wanted to give it a go myself—and boy, is it seriously good. The powders are buttery and blend out beautifully. (I like the use the NARS Ita Brush with the powders.) The lightest of the shades is ideal for me when I'm at my palest—ahem . . . now. It has cool gray undertones, which gives me the most natural-looking contour. The middle shade will be my perfect contour summer shade, and I like using a big fluffy brush to blend out the darkest shade of the three as a bronzer.

The powders are also quite sheer, but they're buildable. If you've been afraid of contouring or if you've gone overboard before (and who hasn't?), this palette makes it almost impossible to give yourself contour clown face. It's even wearable for your 9-to-5 and could easily be transitioned into a slightly more dramatic look for an evening out.

I think this is the smartest contour palette I've used to date, and I have a hard time imagining anything can knock it off its top-shelf pedestal.