Gel without the Fuss

Gel without the Fuss | Re-Mix-Her

I've never been one to spend serious money on having my nails done. (I think I've had a manicure all of four times in my whole life.) I enjoy the process of doing it at home. I love the look of gel nails—the shine and the vibrancy—but I don't think I'd like the price tag or the damage they'd do to my natural nails. Meet the solution: Essie's Gel Setter.

This top coat mimics the look of gel nails without shelling out the extra cash or making your fingernails pay for it in the end. I layered it last weekend over Jelly Apple by Essie and was so impressed by the result. Not only did it prolong the polish, but it made my nails look shiny unlike any other top coat I've tried. It truly does look like gel nails—but without the fuss and the mess. Score!