StriVectin Does Hair

StriVectin Does Hair | Re-Mix-Her
StriVectin Does Hair | Re-Mix-Her

My hair has had quite the up-and-down roller coaster ride this past year. I've started heat-styling it rather than letting it do its natural curly thing, which I've been enjoying. With that, though, has come some serious issues of my hair needing a lot of styling products to cut down on the frizz and dryness, which leads to having a lot of product buildup in my hair that isn't easy to wash out. 

Now that you have the back story on my current hair situation, let me introduce you to the newest members of my styling team: StriVectin Hair Max Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. StriVectin contacted me about their genius and innovative new line of hair products that address a number of issues women have: volume, thinning hair, and color treatment. I haven't colored my hair in more than a year, and thankfully I don't have thinning hair (yet). So I went the volume route because I'm always looking for ways to plump up my hair.

The Max Volume line is serious business. It gave my hair a fullness and boost of volume I don't normally get from my other shampoos and conditioners. It claims to give a weightless volume, and while I wish that was the case, I did find my hair to be slightly sticky and heavier while I used this combination throughout the past few weeks. It wasn't a bad result, though; for someone who has naturally straight hair, I think it'd be a great result and quite effective. I'm going to keep using the line throughout the summer to see what results I get in the humid weather. Here's to bigger, better hair!

*I received these products courtesy of StriVectin to test with no obligation to review them. Thanks for supporting all Re-Mix-Her collaborations!