The Best Drugstore Gloss

The Best Drugstore Gloss | Re-Mix-Her

Women can spend a chunk of change on regular ol' lip gloss. Confession: I've spent a chunk of change on regular ol' lip gloss that isn't that special. Even at the drugstore, the lip gloss options can get up into the $10+ range for nothing particularly standout. So if you've never tried NYX Cosmetics' Butter Glosses before, you are missing out.

These little tubes are seriously inexpensive (think less than $5) and come in an array of very flattering colors, from light pink to lilac, peachy nudes to brown nudes. They really are like butter, too; they're glossy without being sticky, and they're moisturizing and deposit a nice amount of color on your lips that isn't too sheer or too pigmented. It truly is the best drugstore lip gloss around.

Have you tried these before? What's your favorite color?