Easy Like Sunday Mornings

Easy Like Sunday Mornings | Re-Mix-Her

I've gone through a hair rut with my shampoo and conditioner throughout the past year. I've found many of the products have left my hair feeling heavy and greasy, and they're extremely hard to wash out of my hair completely. I felt like nothing would give my hair that freshly washed feeling again; I'd tried a drugstore version of a clarifying shampoo and found the same results. I kept hearing about Bumble and Bumble's Sunday shampoo, which is a pricier clarifying shampoo, but I was skeptical it would actually work, especially after the results of the drugstore clarifying version. 

With just one wash I immediately noticed a difference in my hair. It felt fresher and had movement again. I've been using it consistently once a week now for close to six months. It's been in a few of my favorites videos on YouTube, and I'm still impressed at its ability to strip my hair completely of any and all product buildup. If you have seriously dry hair or a dry scalp, be warned because this really will strip your hair . . . but if you're like me and have a lot of product buildup, it's well worth the price tag.