My New Organization Hack

My New Organization Hack | Re-Mix-Her
My New Organization Hack | Re-Mix-Her

I'd describe myself as more of a detail-oriented person as opposed to a big-picture person. I naturally focus on the minute and tend to get overwhelmed at the beginning of a new project I'm heading up. I also let my to-do list hang over my head and sometimes get bogged down in everything I need to do, rather than taking things one step at a time.

I was perusing The Golden Girl's blog a few weeks back and stumbled across her post about the Productivity Planner. I was hooked on the idea, purchased the planner, and then proceeded to procrastinate on using the planner when it arrived. So typical! But during my long weekend trip to Colorado, I took the time in the car to sit down with the planner, understand its functions, and begin implementing it into my work life. 

The basis of the planner is that the average adult can only make so many decisions in a day, so if you map out the five most important things on your to-do list the day before and have those five things written down and waiting for you at the beginning of the work day, you'll be more productive, have a clearer mind, and accomplish more. Win-win! 

The planner also recommends using the Pomodoro technique, which means you spend 25 distraction-free minutes dedicated to one task and spend 5 minutes taking a break from that task. I don't always follow the Pomodoro technique, but I have been paying special attention to spend a few minutes away from any sort of computer or phone screen throughout the work day.

Since I started using the Productivity Planner, I've noticed my mind feels lighter at the end of the work day. I know what's on the docket the next day, and I've also taken the time to be specific about which parts of the project need to be completed. No more feeling overwhelmed! I think I'm hooked on the Productivity Planner.