The Forgotten Foundation (That's Really, Really Good)

The Forgotten Foundation (That's Really, Really Good) | Re-Mix-Her

I've been going through a rough patch with foundations recently. Nothing seems to be quite as long-wearing as I'd like it to be, and every foundation I own has to be altered slightly in its tone: either it needs to be cooled to match my cool skin tone, or it needs to be lightened to match my fair skin.

As I was digging through my box of base products in search of a cream contour product, I recently rediscovered a foundation I'd forgotten about . . . and it's good. Enter the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation. It's the only foundation I've found that matches me absolutely perfectly at my palest. It's quite mattifying but not drying, which is quite a fete in the middle of winter.

If you're into the BB cream/serum foundation trends, this foundation is not for you. It's quite a thick foundation and takes time to be blended into the skin, but it's long-wearing and doesn't break up easily. I mentioned it's a foundation I'd forgotten I had, and this foundation holds up in the middle of the hot, humid, midwest summers. My bottle is almost done for, but you can bet I'll be repurchasing this the second the last drop is on my face.