Definer versus Wiz

Definer versus Wiz | Re-Mix-Her
Definer versus Wiz | Re-Mix-Her

I've tried my fair share of brow products, and I have quite the array—everything from the drugstore to Sephora. Without fail, though, I always return to Anastasia Beverly Hills' products. The woman is the brow queen, and everything I've tried of hers I've been consistently impressed with.

When I heard she was coming out with the Brow Definer and I saw the pictures, I was a little confused. ABH already has the Brow Wiz, which is the holy grail brow product of most beauty gurus out there because of its skinny pencil that allows you to feather in your brows and create hair-like strokes. I heard a few YouTubers gushing about how easy the Brow Definer was to use, so I decided to give it a go myself.

This is a game-changer, guys. If you're someone like me who has naturally thick brows that don't need much in terms of shaping but could use some filling in, the Brow Definer is for you. I could do my eyebrows in seconds as opposed to the minutes the Brow Wiz would take me.

Now, if your brows are on the skinnier side, I'd recommend sticking with the Brow Wiz. It's much easier to shape with the smaller pencil than it is with the triangular-shaped Brow Definer. 

Either way you go, though, I think you'll be impressed with how good your brows look after you're done. The formula is creamy and long-wearing. (P.S. I use the shades taupe and soft brown, but I've also used auburn when my hair was redder.)