Old-School Blush

I remember digging around as a little kid in my grandma's makeup drawer and spotting her many tubes and compacts of old-school products from Clinique and Estee Lauder. They all had serious vintage vibes and looked so glamorous when she'd leave them on her counter. So when I spotted the Clinique Plum Gorgeous Blush last fall and added it to my online Sephora cart, I was excited to bring a touch of vintage glamour to my own vanity.

I've pulled it back out again this fall and am reminded again of just how good this blush is. It might be one of Clinique's older products, but it's anything but irrelevant in this modern time. First of all, I love the sea-green marbled packaging—very reminiscent of what my grandma's makeup drawer was filled with. Even more important is the blush inside, which embodies everything about autumnal makeup. The tone is the perfect match for berry-toned lips, and the formula is quite sheer, which I love because it's almost impossible to go overboard with it. 

If you're a makeup newbie, this would be a great introduction, no-fail blush to get you started. If you're like me and love makeup, this is a good one to add to your collection—old-school vibes, but still completely wearable.