Rediscovering Contouring

Rediscovering Contouring | Re-Mix-Her

Unless you've been living under a rock the past year, you'll know the trendy word contour and its many images it brings up of Kim Kardashian's sculpted face, some disastrous experiments that end in very unnatural stripes, etc. When contouring came on the scene, I was all over that trend (and proudly avoided any horrific contour stripes on my face). But as contouring became more and more extreme within the last few months, I've stepped away from having anything to do with contouring.

I recently watched two of Makeup by Tiffany D's videos (Glowing, Natural Dewy tutorial and New Contouring Products Demo) and was reminded of how contouring doesn't have to be a long, tedious process. It doesn't have to end in disaster, and you can be pale and contour in a natural way. If you haven't checked out Tiffany's videos before, you must; they're great.

So for the past week or so, I've been pulling out my Anastasia contour kit for bronzing and contouring. Guys, this kit is really, really versatile for light to medium skin tones. If you don't have it yet but are looking to delve into contouring, it's a no-fail kit. I like to use my Sigma F23 Soft Angled Contour Brush to bronze my face, then for a more precise (and intense but natural) contour, I pull out my Sephora #79 Pro Contour Brush. The three together are like magic.

What do you think about contouring? Any funny disasters you're willing to share?