Wardrobe Staple: Button-Downs

Wardrobe Staple: Button-Downs | Re-Mix-Her

The whole capsule wardrobe idea has really been taking off in the past six months. I like the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but knowing myself, I need variety in my life—and that includes my clothing. However, I love the idea of a uniform, something that I can have in a variety that works for me no matter how I'm feeling, what I have going on that day, etc.

One of my wardrobe staples is without a doubt the button-down shirt. They transition easily from professional (wth a blazer and heels) to casual (with rolled-up sleeves and flats), and they're great layering pieces. My favorites are from Target, the Apt. 9 range at Kohl's, and J.Crew.