Glow From Within

Glow From Within | Re-Mix-Her

A lot of us are making (and possibly already breaking) resolutions at this time of year: drinking more water, exercising more—all those things that are great for your inner glow. But when you want instant lit-from-within results, the secret is highlighter. 

I've tried almost every highlighter out there that's been "made" for pale girls, but I had yet to find the perfect highlighter that didn't make me look like I had a stripe of gold running down my face. Almost every highlighter recommended to me has had a hint of gold in it, and especially during this time of year, that's way too warm-toned for me.

Enter Becca's long-awaited Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Pearl, a true white highlighter that is my glowing saving grace. It's the palest of the pale, with no detectable trace of gold in there anywhere. I purchased mine right after Christmas, and I can't stop wearing it every single day. If you find your skin is dull and lifeless in the winter, be sure to check out Becca's entire line of highlighters.