Drugstore Eyebrow Alternatives

Drugstore Eyebrow Alternatives | Re-Mix-Her
Drugstore Eyebrow Alternatives | Re-Mix-Her

Let's take a minute to go back a couple of months to my last brow update. I'd just switched from my holy-grail Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade in auburn to cooler-toned drugstore alternatives. Since then I've been testing out other drugstore eyebrow products, and I think I've found more winners that rival their high-end counterparts. 

First up is the NYX Cosmetics Micro Brow Pencil: a waxy pencil that's supposed to mimic the look of natural brow hairs. I've heard some complaints that the product itself is too hard to use compared to its Anastasia counterpart, but I find that I alway manage to over-apply other brow pencils . . . but this one is different. It gives me a much more natural look than any other brow product I've used, and I don't know if I can go back to my old standbys after using this one.

Second up is the L'Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper: a brow mascara that's intended to add a little bulk and texture to your eyebrows and set them in place all day. I don't know about the claims that it actually plumps your eyebrows, but I do know the pigmentation in this is spot-on. My eyebrows don't budge throughout the day, but they're not crispy and unnatural (some brow gels I've used in the past tend to have that effect). The wand is perfect, too, because it's smaller than your average mascara wand and applies the gel exactly where you need it.

Now it's your turn to tell me: What drugstore eyebrow products would you recommend?