The Innovative Eyeliner


I go through serious phases with my eyeliner. If you'd have asked me a month ago, I'd have said I was a pencil/kohl eyeliner girl through and through. This past month I've been loving gel liner that comes from a pot. I've been trying to perfect my cat-eyeliner, and for that, I prefer gel liners over liquid liners. I find gel liners easier to manipulate and apply. The newest addition to my eyeliner cat-eye collection: Stila's Got Inked Cushion Eye Liner in Smokey Quartz Ink.

It's a fusion of liquid liner and gel liner: gel in that it's stored in a pot and is applied using a liner brush and liquid in that its formula is slightly watery (but in a good way). I dip an angled liner brush (this one from Tarte is perfect) and gently press it onto the cushion. Like magic, the perfect amount of product is deposited onto the brush. The liner itself is pigmented but is buildable; I found two coats was what I needed to achieve a slightly bolder look. 

I only have Smokey Quartz Ink, but after testing that out for a while, I have my eye on the black, copper, and teal colors. What color would you go for?