SPF Setting Sprays


One of my biggest summer frustrations is the greasiness of sunscreen; it doesn't matter what form it comes in—it always makes me greasy and usually breaks up my makeup. This year was game-changing in that two makeup setting sprays were introduced in the market that provided sun protection. I've tried both!

The first one I tried was Supergoop!'s Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50. The pros: SPF 50 (as compared to Coola's SPF 30), promises of controlling oil, and a refreshing rosemary and mint smell. The cons: the heaviness of the actual product, the nozzle not distributing the spray evenly, and the product—once sprayed—never fully drying. It left a stickiness on my face after spraying it, but if you can stand the sticky feeling, the spray does its job in protecting you from the sun and setting your makeup so it won't budge in the heat. Just be warned, though: My bottle exploded in my bag.

The second one I tried was Coola's Makeup Setting Spray SPF30. The pros: an even spray that covers makeup well and a lightweight product that dries completely. The only con: an SPF 30 (as opposed to Supergoop!'s SPF 50). Coola's version is by far my favorite. It protects my skin, sets my makeup, and doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky. And even though you spend more money for less product with Coola, I think it's a slightly higher quality spray with better results.