2016 Resolutions

2016 Resolutions | Re-Mix-Her

Happy 2016! I hope you had safe and wonderful New Year's Eve celebrations last night. I'm now back in Omaha and ready to take on another year. I've been thinking about some of my resolutions for the new year—attainable goals that I can actually accomplish day by day. Here are some of my blogging/vlogging resolutions for 2016:

  • The Five Minute Journal: I purchased this journal last weekend at Papersource. I've always wanted to journal, but it's never been all that practical for me. I liked the idea of spending five minutes each day journaling, and this particular one makes it easy. You spend a few minutes in the morning focusing on the positives of your upcoming day and how you can be proactive in making your upcoming day better. Then you spend a few minutes at night focusing on what was good about your day and what you could have done to make your day even better. It's a habit-forming journal that'll help you focus on each day's positives.
  • Organization: I've been using Rifle Paper Company's 2015-2016 planner for keeping my work tasks, my personal appointments, and blog plans scheduled. I'm determined to use this planner consistently (and I've been doing a pretty good job since August) to keep my work and personal responsibilities organized and laid out in the most efficient way. I've also transferred my blog tasks and organization to this Kate Spade agenda for 2016.
  • Social Media Overhaul: I work partially in the social media field, so I understand and practice good techniques with my clients. However, I haven't given much priority to my own social media for my blog because I wasn't managing my time between work and my blog well. I'm using my new blog planner not only to keep my blog organized but to remind me of what I need to do each day on my own social media. So if you're not following me already and want to stay up-to-date on what's going on in my daily life, make sure you're following me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Snapchat (username: remixher).

Fingers crossed I'll be able to report a year from now that I kept up with these resolutions! I'd love to know: What are some of the resolutions you've made for 2016?