My October Edit

My October Edit | Re-Mix-Her

How is October more than halfway over already? Fall is my favorite time of year, yet it's the season that seems to fly by and is way too short. We're just now reaching autumn-esque temps here in Omaha, so now that it finally feels like the season, here's everything I've been loving or am looking forward to this month:

  • These boots and these flats: I really don't need more shoes (although my workout sneakers are a different story, as they're currently falling apart). But I really like these snakeskin boots that have a very 70s vibe. These lace-up ballerina flats? My heart heaves a sigh whenever I see them pop up online.
  • A new book: I've had this on my must-read Goodreads list for quite a while, so when I upgraded my Kindle a few months ago, I finally had access to the local library's e-book system. I'm currently loaning The Knockoff and am devouring it (a perfect read for anyone obsessed with the inner workings of fashion magazines).
  • An Idiot Abroad: My bestie/roommate got me hooked on this show starring Karl Pilkington, your average Englander who's used to a very comfortable, middle-class life. When your closest friend is Ricky Gervais, though, things are bound to get interesting when he asks you to travel the world. Karl's attitude and remarks are hysterical . . . and anyone who can make Ricky Gervais laugh out loud is worth watching. (The entire series is available on Netflix, by the way. You're welcome.)
  • Olivia Palermo x Baublebar: I had my calendar marked for the end of September when Olivia's collection with Baublebar finally went on sale. Everything is stunning, and almost everything is wait-listed—for good reason. I had a coupon and vault points to use, so I bought the peacemaker ring. Good luck getting it off my fingers this fall.
  • H&M Beauty: Any new beauty launch is exciting . . . but a 700-piece collection? I think my heart just stopped, H&M. They're not currently carrying any of their new products in my local store, but they're all available for purchase online. I have my eye on this cool-toned palette, whenever it decides to waltz back into the warehouse.
  • Local Beer, Patio and Kitchen: After a morning and part of an afternoon full of bike-riding last weekend, Liz and I stopped at Local located in the Capitol District in downtown Omaha. I finally tried poutine for the first time! On top of that, they have the largest selection of local beers from Nebraska and Iowa, and the atmosphere and decor was spot-on. If you're in the Omaha area, you must try this place out!

Have a good weekend!